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193 nm ArF laser ablation and patterning of chitosan thin films

Aesa, A. A.; Walton, C. D.


A. A. Aesa


This paper reports laser ablation studies on spin-coated biopolymer chitosan films, β-l,4-1inked 2-amino-2-deoxy-d-glucopyranose. Chitosan has been irradiated using an ArF laser emitting at 193 nm. An ablation threshold of FT = 85±8 mJ cm−2 has been determined from etch rate measurements. Laser-ablated chitosan is characterised using white light interferometry, scanning electron microscopy, and thermo-gravimetric analysis. Laser ablation of chitosan is discussed in terms of thermal and photoacoustic mechanisms. Heat transfer is simulated to assist in the understanding of laser-irradiated chitosan using a finite-element method and the software package COMSOL Multi-Physics™. As a demonstrator, a micro-array of square structures in the form of a crossed grating has been fabricated by laser ablation using a mask projection scanning method. The initial investigations show no evidence of thermal damage occurring to the adjacent chitosan when operating at a moderately low laser fluence of 110 mJ cm−2.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2018-06
Print ISSN 0340-3793
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 124
Article Number 444
APA6 Citation Aesa, A. A., & Walton, C. D. (2018). 193 nm ArF laser ablation and patterning of chitosan thin films. Applied physics, 124,
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