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Oakeshott on civil association

O'Sullivan, Noël


Noël O'Sullivan


Paul Franco

Leslie Marsh


The distinctive achievement of Western political thought since the seventeenth century is the ideal of the limited state. Despite extensive theorizing about this ideal, however, there has always been profound disagreement about its precise nature and implications. The full extent of this disagreement has been especially evident during the decades since World War II, in the course of which sustained efforts have been made by a variety of thinkers to construct a coherent alternative to totalitarianism. In Friedrich Hayek’s view, for example, the limited state is principally characterized by a free market economy that facilitates human progress.

Publication Date 2012
Journal A companion to Michael Oakeshott
Publisher Penn State University Press
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Pages 290-311
Book Title A companion to Michael Oakeshott
Chapter Number 14
ISBN 978-0-27105-408-7
APA6 Citation O'Sullivan, N. (2012). Oakeshott on civil association. In P. Franco, & L. Marsh (Eds.), A companion to Michael Oakeshott, 290-311. Penn State University Press
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