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The fate of oilfield corrosion inhibitors in multiphase systems

Horsup, D. I.; Clark, J. C.; Binks, B. P.; Fletcher, P. D. I.; Hicks, J. T.


D. I. Horsup

J. C. Clark

P. D. I. Fletcher

J. T. Hicks


Corrosion inhibitors have been used for many years to protect oil and gas pipelines, The application of small quantifies of an inhibitor to production fluids is often one of the most cost-effective methods for, imparting corrosion protection in a system However,. even though the practice has become ubiquitous. the industry lacks a comprehensive knowledge of what actually happens to corrosion. inhibitor molecules when added into a system. The Work reported in this paper addresses some of the principal properties of corrosion inhibitors and how these Impact file ultimate fate of the inhibitor in a production system Specifically the partitioning behavior of corrosion inhibitors is discussed and how this is affected by changes In Inhibitor structure, temperature, brine salinity and oil type. Competitive. parasitic adsorption onto unwanted Surfaces is discussed The affinity of various corrosion inhibitors for sand, Iron sulfide, barium sulfate, Iron carbonate and emulsion drop surfaces is presented Additionally the ability for corrosion Inhibitors to stabilize both oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions is discussed. Phase Inversion of the emulsion is demonstrated as production variables change. The Impact of each of these factors on the in situ inhibitor availability (ISIA) and the ultimate corrosion inhibition observed in the field is presented.


Horsup, D. I., Clark, J. C., Binks, B. P., Fletcher, P. D. I., & Hicks, J. T. (2010). The fate of oilfield corrosion inhibitors in multiphase systems. Corrosion, 66(3), 0360011-03600114.

Journal Article Type Conference Paper
Acceptance Date Mar 31, 2010
Publication Date Dec 17, 2010
Print ISSN 0010-9312
Electronic ISSN 1938-159X
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 66
Issue 3
Article Number ARTN 036001
Pages 0360011-03600114
Keywords General Materials Science; General Chemistry; General Chemical Engineering
Public URL