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Care planning: a guide for nurses

Woollands, A; Barrett, David; Wilson, Benita


A Woollands


Planning the care of patients is one of most importantaspects of a nurse’s role. Adopting an interactive approach, this bookexplores the theory of care planning anddiscusses how this relates toclinical nursingpractice.Three patient scenarios are referred to throughout the second part of the book, withcompleted care plans included for reference purposes. Each chapter contains short activities to test your knowledge, and opportunities to reflect on your own practice. The book also provides a link between classic nursing theories and modern approaches to care planning.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Nov 19, 2008
Pages -
ISBN 978-0-27371-356-2
APA6 Citation Woollands, A., Barrett, D., & Wilson, B. (2008). Care planning: a guide for nurses. Pearson Education