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Radiotherapy training tools for yesterday’s future


Radiotherapy techniques have evolved rapidly in recent years. However, the uptake and clinical implementation of novel techniques, such as intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), was slower than was initially anticipated. One of the reasons often given for this is a lack of resources and ‘machine time' for training and education. In our work we have created a virtual reality training platform which allows students to learn about the features of the treatment machine, to practice setting a patient up for treatment and to learn an appreciation of the required accuracy of treatment. In this simulated environment, a student can safely make mistakes and learn in a non-pressured environment.

Publication Date Jan 1, 2007
Pages 30 - 35
Book Title Imaging and Oncology
ISBN 978-1-87110-136-0
APA6 Citation (2007). Radiotherapy training tools for yesterday’s future. Imaging and Oncology, 30 - 35. Deeson Group
Keywords virtual reality; virtual environment; radiatiotherapy; radiation therapy; simulation; training; education
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