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Ceské pokusy o Shakespeara : dejiny ceských prekladu Shakespeara doplnené antologií neznámých a vzácných textu z let 1782-1922. (Czech attempts at Shakespeare)

Drábek, P; Drabek, Pavel


P Drábek


A History of Czech Translations of Shakespeare with an Anthology of Unknown and Rare Texts from the Years 1782-1922. The history of Czech translations of Shakespeare dates back to the 1780s when the first versions of Shakespeare’s plays were printed. Since then, Shakespeare has played a crucial role in the emancipation of Czech culture and in the formation of a sense of nationhood – as it has done in many countries worldwide. The present book records ways in which Shakespeare has helped to shape Czech theatre as well as literature, the ways in which his works have been appropriated by individual movements and ideologies, and the ways in which these shifts have been reflected in a changing translation aesthetic. The introductory chapter presents an original theoretical model for drama translation. The anthology contains twenty newly discovered or rare texts, edited critically from original manuscripts. Several of these texts include revision versions and translation variants.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Nov 27, 2012
Pages -
Edition 1
ISBN 978-8-07443-056-5
Keywords William Shakespeare; Czech translations; drama translation; drama translation theory; Czech theatre; 18th century theatre; 19th century theatre; 20th century theatre;