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Create and experience compelling scenarios in VR : a hardware and software system architecture

Springer, Jan P., 1969-; Neumann, Carsten P.; Reiners, Dirk, 1968-; Cruz-Neira, Carolina


Today virtual reality (VR) is an established technology in many disciplines. It is used in engineering for design review and development as well as process planning. It is increasingly used in the context of visualizing large and complex data from many sources. Recently, with ever falling hardware prices, VR technologies are also introduced in the market for home entertainment. However, in contrast to many other technology innovations, VR requires significant efforts to develop and customize content for specific application areas, which usually necessitates 3-D modeling as well as software development, even if previously available content could be reused.

Book Type Book Chapter
Journal Advances in computers and information in engineering research
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Volume 1
ISBN 9780791860328
Keywords Virtual reality
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