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Youth work in schools

Coburn, Annette; Gormally, Sinead


Annette Coburn

Sinead Gormally


Graham Bright


This chapter will consider the inherent possibilities and problems in conceptualising youth work in schools. It will examine potential synergies between a curriculum for educational youth work and contemporary curricula in school education, drawing on the emerging Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) (Scottish Government, 2013) as a potentially useful means of facilitating social change. The chapter will explore some of the ‘hidden knowns’ that youth workers routinely apply in practice encounters including school settings. This exploration suggests that while these ‘knowns’ contribute to practice, they can also limit perspectives on whether youth work can be authentically conceptualised in a school setting. Current changes in policy direction of policy for formal schooling across the UK brings into focus different ideas such as free or home schooling and identifies new roles and possibilities for youth workers in schools.

Publication Date Sep 11, 2015
Journal Youth work
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Book Title Youth Work: Histories, Policy and Contexts
ISBN 9781137434395
APA6 Citation Coburn, A., & Gormally, S. (2015). Youth work in schools. In G. Bright (Ed.), Youth Work: Histories, Policy and ContextsPalgrave Macmillan
Keywords Youth work, School education
Publisher URL Full details of the published book are available at


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