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Stability of clay particle-coated microbubbles in alkanes against dissolution induced by heating

Achakulwisut, Kanvara; Tam, Chak; Huerre, Axel; Sammouti, Rafaella; Binks, Bernard P.; Garbin, Valeria


Kanvara Achakulwisut

Chak Tam

Axel Huerre

Rafaella Sammouti

Valeria Garbin


We investigated the dissolution and morphological dynamics of air bubbles in alkanes stabilized by fluorinated colloidal clay particles when subjected to temperature changes. A quasi-steady model for bubble dissolution with time-dependent temperature reveals that increasing the temperature enhances the bubble dissolution rate in alkanes, opposite to the behavior in water, due to the differing trends in gas solubility. Experimental results for uncoated air bubbles in decane and hexadecane confirm this prediction. Clay-coated bubbles in decane and hexadecane are shown to be stable in air-saturated oil at constant temperature, where dissolution is driven mainly by the Laplace pressure. When the temperature increases from ambient, the particle-coated bubbles are prone to dissolution as the oil phase becomes under-saturated. The interfacial layer of particles is observed to undergo buckling and crumpling, without shedding of clay particles. Increasing the concentration of particles is shown to enhance the bubble stability by providing a higher resistance to dissolution and buckling. When subjected to complex temperature cycles, the clay-coated bubbles can remain stable in conditions for which uncoated bubbles dissolve completely. These results underpin the design of ultra-stable oil foams stabilized by solid particles with improved shelf life under changing environmental conditions.

Publication Date Apr 18, 2017
Journal Langmuir
Print ISSN 0743-7463
Electronic ISSN 1520-5827
Publisher American Chemical Society
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 33
Issue 15
Pages 3809-3817
APA6 Citation Achakulwisut, K., Tam, C., Huerre, A., Sammouti, R., Binks, B. P., & Garbin, V. (2017). Stability of clay particle-coated microbubbles in alkanes against dissolution induced by heating. Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 33(15), 3809-3817 .
Keywords Alkanes; Clay-coated bubble
Publisher URL
Copyright Statement ©2018 University of Hull
Additional Information This is the accepted manuscript of an article published in Langmuir, 2017. The version of record is available at the DOI link in this record.


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