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Independent Cyprus? Postcoloniality and the spectre of Europe

Argyrou, Vassos


Vassos Argyrou


This essay reflects on the postcolonial condition in Cyprus and argues that political independence does not mean the end of colonialism. Power is not merely what prevents people from doing what they wish to do but also, and more importantly, what colonises the mind and predisposes them to think and act in specific ways. The main contention of the essay is that 'independent' Cyprus is ruled by the idea of Europe and the desire to be recognised and confirmed as a modern European society. The essay further argues that it is largely because of this idea that Greek and Turkish Cypriots have not managed to live together on this island. They have been trying to reach this phantom destination - modernity - travelling apart.

Publication Date Sep 1, 2010
Journal Cyprus review
Print ISSN 1015-2881
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 22
Issue 2
Pages 39-47
Institution Citation Argyrou, V. (2010). Independent Cyprus? Postcoloniality and the spectre of Europe. Cyprus Review -Nicosia- Intercollege-, 22(2), 39-47
Keywords REF 2014 submission
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Additional Information Copy of article first published in: Cyprus review, 2010, v.22, issue 2


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