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Visualising Process- Hofman’s 1926 Hamlet (2018)
Journal Article
Fergusson Baugh, C. (in press). Visualising Process- Hofman’s 1926 Hamlet. Theatralia, ISSN 1803-845X

The 1926 production of Hamlet is of particular significance in a range of contexts. It was Karel Hiller’s return production following a career hiatus occasioned by a devastating stroke in 1924 and marked the beginning of a more reflective stage of hi... Read More

Haptic insights: model making as historical methodology (2018)
Journal Article
Baugh, C. F. (2018). Haptic insights: model making as historical methodology. Theatre and performance design, 4(1-2), 83-100. doi:10.1080/23322551.2018.1464843

This article explores the value of digital reconstruction practice to the theatre historian in general but in particular the historian concerned with exploring visual histories offered by the areas of theatre design and architecture. It will articula... Read More