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England's wars of religion, revisited (2011)
Burgess, G., & Prior, C. W. A. (2011). C. Prior, & G. Burgess (Eds.), England's wars of religion, revisited. Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

The causes and nature of the civil wars that gripped the British Isles in the mid-seventeenth century remain one of the most studied yet least understood historical conundrums. Religion, politics, economics and affairs local, national and internation... Read More

Cannons and constitutions (2011)
Book Chapter
Prior, C. (2011). Cannons and constitutions. In C. W. A. Prior, & G. Burgess (Eds.), England's Wars of Religion, Revisted, 101 - 123. Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

This chapter examines how the introduction of new ecclesiastical Canons in 1640 touched off a debate among writers who made a direct link between religion and liberty.