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End Notes (2017)
French, R., McKay, K., Chard, S., Sutter, M., Lavery, B., McCrory, M., …Hautala, T. (2017). R. French, & K. McKay (Eds.). End Notes. York: Edge Publishing

A collection of stories by 8 writers, End Notes tackles with compassion, insight and humour changes in the way we view dying, death and bereavement and how best to mourn and commemorate those we love. This Arts & Humanities Research Council funded eb... Read More about End Notes.

Hard Wired (2016)
McKay, K. (2016). Hard Wired. Moth publishing

September 1996. Newcastle United have just bought Alan Shearer for a record-breaking £15 million from Blackburn Rovers and across the city regeneration and investment are reshaping the landscape. Charlie works in the local bail hostel where, exhauste... Read More about Hard Wired.

After the silk stockings ; After Abigail finds the letter (2012)
Book Chapter
McKay, K. (2012). After the silk stockings ; After Abigail finds the letter. Sketches, dispatches, Hull tales and ballads (84 - 93). Kingston Press

Two short stories. Humber Writers celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Special commission for the Humber Mouth Literature Festival 2012.  

I recommend Flannery O'Connor  (2011)
McKay, K. (2011). I recommend Flannery O'Connor 

An article about the continuing importance of the short story writer Flannery O'Connor 

After Madrid  (2010)
Journal Article
McKay, K. (2010). After Madrid . Smiths Knoll, 43 - 43

Watery Leeds  (2010)
McKay, K. (2010). Watery Leeds 

A prose/image extended piece of writing, done for , as background work for a film for the Leeds Cultural Olympiad 2012 

In Other News (2010)
Book Chapter
McKay, K. (2010). In Other News. In Hide (46 - 47). Humber Mouth Hull City Arts

Poem in Hide, an anthology published specially for the 2010 Humber Mouth Festival . A Humber Mouth Special Commission, published by Humber Mouth Hull City Arts, ISBN 978-0954568696

If you go (2009)
Journal Article
McKay, K. (2009). If you go. Magma, 44, 25 - 25

Reach (2009)
Book Chapter
McKay, K. (2009). Reach. Migration Stories (45231). Crocus

Story about an Iranian man who works in a car-wash and learns how to dance .

Shifting Sands (2008)
Book Chapter
McKay, K. (2008). Shifting Sands. Stories from the City (43049). Redwood Press


Exhibition Notes (0000)
McKay, K. (2013). Exhibition Notes

Story about a young boy whose mother is a swimmer in a public tank, for entertainment 

Junction Ahead  (0000)
McKay, K. (2013). Junction Ahead 

Story about a young girl who craves fatherly attention 

As if she was Coco Chanel  (0000)
McKay, K. (2013). As if she was Coco Chanel 

Story about a woman living in a homeless hostel in Boston, who gets thrown out.