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The Old Indian Burial Ground in Fiction and Film (2023)
Book Chapter
Corstorphine, K. (2024). The Old Indian Burial Ground in Fiction and Film. In E. Parisot, D. McAllister, & X. Aldana Reyes (Eds.), Graveyard Gothic. Manchester University Press

Indian burial grounds are a staple of American popular culture, and through their representation in fiction and film reach a global audience. In such narratives, ‘old Indian burial grounds’ are built over with houses, hotels, and other such dwellings... Read More about The Old Indian Burial Ground in Fiction and Film.

Gothic Horror Fiction (2023)
Book Chapter
Corstorphine, K. (2023). Gothic Horror Fiction. In B. Santin (Ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Novel and Politics (205-218). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

The horror novel appears in the late twentieth century as a significant genre of popular fiction. Growing out of older traditions of the European Gothic and weird fiction, and their trajectory through American literature, the horror novel has produce... Read More about Gothic Horror Fiction.

US Imperial Gothic (2023)
Book Chapter
Corstorphine, K. (2023). US Imperial Gothic. In R. Duncan (Ed.), The Edinburgh Companion to Globalgothic. Edinburgh University Press

Horror Theory Now : Thinking About Horror (2023)
Book Chapter
Corstorphine, K. (2023). Horror Theory Now : Thinking About Horror. In S. Bacon (Ed.), Evolution of Horror in the 21st Century (13-26). Rowman & Littlefield