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A Short Essay about NeoMedievalism (2010)
Book Chapter
Coote, L. (2010). A Short Essay about NeoMedievalism. Studies in Medievalism XIX. Defining Neomedievalism(s), 25 - 33. D.S. Brewer

Genealogical Rolls and Charts (2010)
Book Chapter
(2010). Genealogical Rolls and Charts. Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle, 672 - 677. Brill

co-author Professor Joan Holladay

Film and television (2009)
Book Chapter
(2009). Film and television. Knights in History and Legend, 260 - 267. Global Publishing/Park Lane Books

Laughing at Monsters in Richard Coeur de Lyon (2006)
Book Chapter
(2006). Laughing at Monsters in Richard Coeur de Lyon. Grant Risee? : the medieval comic presence / La présence comique médiévale ; essays in memory of Brian J. Levy, 193 - 211. Brepols