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North Sea Catch Statistics, 1924-1981
Barnard, M. North Sea Catch Statistics, 1924-1981

This dataset comprises 8,842 records that have been extracted from the Sea Fisheries Statistical Tables – the official government record of fish landings at ports in England and Wales. The records concern the landings of British first class fishing v... Read More

The Piano Makers
Digital Artefact
Barnard, M. The Piano Makers

Furthering the research into the binaural method, and specifically the ‘ear-shot’ aesthetic, this piece also explores the evolving soundscape - more specifically, the disappearance of sounds and the significance of the recording process thereof. The... Read More

Closely Observed Trains
Digital Artefact
Barnard, M. Closely Observed Trains

The binaural method was employed to capture the sonority of the overground and underground railways in England. As the binaural method works under the premise of recording what is heard by the recordist, the capture of sonic environments becomes intu... Read More