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Moral dependence and natural properties (2017)
Journal Article
Zangwill, N. (2017). Moral dependence and natural properties. Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume, 91(1), 221-243.

I explore the Because Constraint—the idea that moral facts depend on natural facts and that moral judgements ought to respect the dependence of moral facts on natural facts. I consider several issues concerning its clarification and importance.

Epistemic/non-epistemic dependence (2017)
Journal Article
Zangwill, N. (2018). Epistemic/non-epistemic dependence. Noûs, 52(4), 836-857.

If someone knows something then there is something in virtue of which she knows it; and if someone justifiably believes something then there is something in virtue of which she is justified in believing it. That much is relatively uncontroversial. On... Read More

Hanslick's deleted ending (2017)
Journal Article
Landerer, C., & Zangwill, N. (2017). Hanslick's deleted ending. British Journal of Aesthetics, 57(1), 85-95.

We question Mark Evan Bonds’ interpretation of the deleted ending of Eduard Hanslick’s On the Musically Beautiful. We argue that there is no evidence that it reveals a commitment to Pythagoreanism or Idealism. We supply an alternative explanation of... Read More