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Conservatism (2013)
Book Chapter
O'Sullivan, N. (2013). Conservatism. In M. Freeden, & M. Stears (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Political IdeologiesOxford University Press (OUP). doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199585977.013.0005

Conservative ideology in its moderate form is inspired by opposition to belief in radical political and social change on the ground that it rests on several mistaken assumptions, of which the most important are that human nature is highly malleable;... Read More

Oakeshott on civil association (2012)
Book Chapter
O'Sullivan, N. (2012). Oakeshott on civil association. In P. Franco, & L. Marsh (Eds.), A companion to Michael Oakeshott, 290-311. Penn State University Press

The distinctive achievement of Western political thought since the seventeenth century is the ideal of the limited state. Despite extensive theorizing about this ideal, however, there has always been profound disagreement about its precise nature and... Read More

The concepts of the public, the private and the political in contemporary Western political theory (2009)
Journal Article
O'Sullivan, N. K. (2009). The concepts of the public, the private and the political in contemporary Western political theory. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 12(2), 145-165. doi:10.1080/13698230902892010

The concept of the public realm is the most fundamental of all political concepts because it is only the shared relationship it constitutes between rulers and ruled that makes government more than mere domination. It is therefore not surprising that... Read More

Visions of European unity since 1945 (2008)
Book Chapter
O'Sullivan, N. (2008). Visions of European unity since 1945. In R. Johnston (Ed.), Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 154, 2007 Lectures, 93-127. British Academy. doi:10.5871/bacad/9780197264355.003.0004

This lecture presents the text of the speech about visions of European unity since 1945 delivered by the author at the 2007 Elie Kedourie Memorial Lecture held at the British Academy. It discusses Jean Monnet's Memoirs, wherein he expressed the hope... Read More