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End Notes (2017)
R. French, & K. McKay (Eds.), (2017). End Notes

A collection of stories by 8 writers, End Notes tackles with compassion, insight and humour changes in the way we view dying, death and bereavement and how best to mourn and commemorate those we love. This Arts & Humanities Research Council funded eb... Read More about End Notes.

Lessons from cruising (2013)
Journal Article
Goodman, M. (2013). Lessons from cruising. Warwick Review, 7(3), 103-124

After Madrid  (2010)
Journal Article
McKay, K. (2010). After Madrid . Smiths Knoll, 43 - 43

If you go (2009)
Journal Article
McKay, K. (2009). If you go. Magma, 44, 25 - 25