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A dimensional analysis of stakeholder assessment of project outcomes (2019)
Journal Article
Chipulu, M., Ojiako, U., Marshall, A., Williams, T., Bititci, U., Mota, C., …Stamati, T. (2019). A dimensional analysis of stakeholder assessment of project outcomes. Production planning & control, 30(13), 1072-1090.

Driven by an interest in developing a deeper understanding of stakeholder interests, this study undertakes a dimensional analysis of how different stakeholders assess project outcomes. Most importantly, in our analysis, we take into consideration the... Read More

Risk assessment in public contracts (2019)
Journal Article
Bloomfield, K. (2019). Risk assessment in public contracts. European Procurement and Public Private Patnership Law Review, 14(1), 7-15.

This article aims to introduce a novel approach to risk assessment in public service commissioning contracts, through the lens of the UK’s defence sector. It begins by providing a concise background to the contemporary service commissioning tools and... Read More

The nature of risk in complex projects (2017)
Journal Article
Williams, T. (2017). The nature of risk in complex projects. Project management journal, 48(4), 55-66

Risk analysis is important for complex projects. However, systemicity makes evaluating risk in real projects difficult. Looking at the causal structure of risks is a start. But causal chains need to include management actions, motivations of project... Read More