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The art of dancing: 21st-century concertos for trumpet, piano and strings (2017)
Digital Artefact
Desbruslais, S. (2017). The art of dancing: 21st-century concertos for trumpet, piano and strings

Simon Desbruslais returns to disc on Signum with an album that continues to expand the repertoire of the trumpet even further, with four new commissions for Trumpet, Piano and String Orchestra Toby Young’s The Art of Dancing is described by the co... Read More about The art of dancing: 21st-century concertos for trumpet, piano and strings.

Nightports, 'Depart' (2015)
Digital Artefact
Slater, M., & Martin, A. (2015). Nightports, 'Depart'

A 60-minute studio album exploring the underlying concept of restriction in original musical creativity. Liner notes (introduction): Arrive. Move. Shift. Change. Depart. All sounds come from Emily. No other sound sources are permitted. Only sou... Read More about Nightports, 'Depart'.

Russia, now and then
Digital Artefact
Russia, now and then

Two writers, one through nonfiction and one fiction and both great storytellers, lead us on a vital journey into Russia Susan Richards returned to Russia in the wake of her Epics of Everyday Life, (winner the P.E.N. Time-Life Award for Non-Fiction an... Read More about Russia, now and then.

Sounds of Sea Swim
Digital Artefact
Mackay, R. Sounds of Sea Swim

<em>The Sounds of Sea Swim</em> is a collection of compositions, sound collages, and installations developed as part of commissioned work for the <em>Sea Swim</em> project, directed by Lara Goodband and John Wedgewood Clarke. Part swimmin... Read More about Sounds of Sea Swim.

Digital Artefact
Mackay, R. Flow

<em>Flow</em> is a composition for flute, electronics and video, commissioned by Mexican multimedia performance group Luminico. It was created in the studios of CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) during October 20... Read More about Flow.

Closely Observed Trains
Digital Artefact
Barnard, M. Closely Observed Trains

The binaural method was employed to capture the sonority of the overground and underground railways in England. As the binaural method works under the premise of recording what is heard by the recordist, the capture of sonic environments becomes intu... Read More about Closely Observed Trains.

The Piano Makers
Digital Artefact
Barnard, M. The Piano Makers

Furthering the research into the binaural method, and specifically the ‘ear-shot’ aesthetic, this piece also explores the evolving soundscape - more specifically, the disappearance of sounds and the significance of the recording process thereof. The... Read More about The Piano Makers.

Strata Sequence
Digital Artefact
Mackay, R. Strata Sequence

Composition cycle based on recordings of the Brantwood Musical Stones (developed as part of the Ruskin Rocks project) and text of John Ruskin in collaboration with Dame Evelyn Glennie.

Digital Artefact
Mackay, R. Equanimity

The composition, <em>Equanimity</em> (for clarinet and computer), was commissioned by American clarinetist F. Gerard Errante for his CD project <em>Delicate Balance</em> (2012, Aucourant Records, USA). Taking a moonlit night on a beach in... Read More about Equanimity.