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Divine hearing (2013)
McKay, K. (2013). Divine hearing

Story about a woman who hears voices through the hearing aid she has been prescribed by a Christian hearing aid specialist.

Collision Theory  (2013)
McKay, K. (2013). Collision Theory 

Story about a woman who makes a new maths theorem. 

Medium High Gusset   (2013)
McKay, K. (2013). Medium High Gusset  

Story about a woman whose husband is dying who takes up swimming.

As if she was Coco Chanel  (2013)
McKay, K. (2013). As if she was Coco Chanel 

Story about a woman living in a homeless hostel in Boston, who gets thrown out. 

Junction Ahead  (2013)
McKay, K. (2013). Junction Ahead 

Story about a young girl who craves fatherly attention 

Exhibition Notes (2013)
McKay, K. (2013). Exhibition Notes

Story about a young boy whose mother is a swimmer in a public tank, for entertainment 

I recommend Flannery O'Connor  (2011)
McKay, K. (2011). I recommend Flannery O'Connor 

An article about the continuing importance of the short story writer Flannery O'Connor 

Watery Leeds  (2010)
McKay, K. (2010). Watery Leeds 

A prose/image extended piece of writing, done for , as background work for a film for the Leeds Cultural Olympiad 2012