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Polygon smoothing nurbs curves and surfaces (2005)
Conference Proceeding
Li, Q. (2005). Polygon smoothing nurbs curves and surfaces. In Proceeding. Applied Simulation and Modelling (ASM 2005), 109 - 114

In conventional spline geometric shape design, each part of a designed object always evolves the same number of con trol points. This has been a disadvantage of the spline based geometric shape design schemes as much more points than necessary may be... Read More

Constructive implicit fitting (2005)
Journal Article
Li, Q., Griffiths, J. G., & Ward, J. (2005). Constructive implicit fitting. Computer aided geometric design, 23(1), 17-44. doi:10.1016/j.cagd.2005.04.011

In this paper, we present a constructive method for fitting both an explicit and an implicit curve or surface to a set of scattered points by using gate functions. With this technique, the data are first partitioned with geometric primitives into sma... Read More