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Neural observer by coordinate transformation (2005)
Journal Article
Delgado, A., Hou, M., & Kambhampati, C. (2005). Neural observer by coordinate transformation. IEE Proceedings Control Theory and Applications, 152(6), 698-706.

Nonlinear control affine systems with maximum relative degree and a class of nonlinear differential equations can be transformed into a state representation known as the normal form. Based on the normal form an observer is designed using neural netwo... Read More

Amplitude and frequency estimator of a sinusoid (2005)
Journal Article
Hou, M. (2005). Amplitude and frequency estimator of a sinusoid. IEEE transactions on automatic control, 50(6), 855-858. doi:10.1109/TAC.2005.849244

A dynamic estimator with global convergence property is proposed to simultaneously reconstruct the unknown values of the amplitude, frequency, and offset of a sinusoidal signal which is measured. Several versions of the estimator along with illustrat... Read More

Observing a three-tank system (2005)
Journal Article
Hou, M., Xiong, Y., & Patton, R. (2005). Observing a three-tank system. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 13(3), 478-484. doi:10.1109/TCST.2004.839578

Observability analysis and observer synthesis are studied for a three-tank water process. Observability of the process is considered under various assumptions on measurements. The observer design takes into account singularity of nonlinear observers.... Read More