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Smooth piecewise polynomial blending operations for implicit shapes (2007)
Journal Article
Li, Q. (2007). Smooth piecewise polynomial blending operations for implicit shapes. Computer graphics forum : journal of the European Association for Computer Graphics, 26(2), (157 - 171). ISSN 0167-7055

In this paper, we present a new set of blending operations for implicitly defined geometric shapes. The proposed shape operators are piecewise polynomial and blending range controllable, and can be constructed to any required degree of smoothness. Th... Read More

Fuzzy geometric object modelling (2007)
Book Chapter
Li, Q., & Guo, S. (2007). Fuzzy geometric object modelling. Advances in Soft Computing; Fuzzy Information and Engineering, 551-563. Spinger. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-71441-5_60

Fuzzy geometric object modelling has been one of the fundamental tasks in computer graphics. In this paper, we investigated and developed techniques for modelling fuzzy objects based on fuzzy set theory. With the proposed techniques any conventional... Read More