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Our digital children (2014)
Presentation / Conference
Williams, P. (2014, November). Our digital children. Presented at Scarborough Education Forum

The power relationship between adults and children in the West is shifting. Factors of age and life experience are becoming counterbalanced by children’s affinity for burgeoning developments in digital technology, where skills developed in onli... Read More about Our digital children.

Rethinking university assessment (2014)
Journal Article
Williams, P. (in press). Rethinking university assessment. International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education, 3(1), 257-264.

Developments in globalisation and new technologies are making significant impacts in higher education. Universities in a global market are increasingly concerned to reorient their degree programmes to meet the vocational needs of the Knowledge Econom... Read More about Rethinking university assessment.

Squaring the circle: a new alternative to alternative-assessment (2014)
Journal Article
Williams, P. (2014). Squaring the circle: a new alternative to alternative-assessment. Teaching in higher education, 19(5), 565-577.

Many quality assurance systems rely on high-stakes assessment for course certification. Such methods are not as objective as they might appear; they can have detrimental effects on student motivation and may lack relevance to the needs of degree cour... Read More about Squaring the circle: a new alternative to alternative-assessment.