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Elite Women and the Agricultural Landscape, 1700-1830 (2017)
McDonagh, B. (2017). Elite Women and the Agricultural Landscape, 1700-1830. Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

Social and economic histories of the long eighteenth century have largely ignored women as a class of landowners and improvers. 1700 to 1830 was a period in which the landscape of large swathes of the English Midlands was reshaped – both materially a... Read More

Dock Development 1778-1914 (2017)
Book Chapter
Wilcox, M. (2017). Dock Development 1778-1914. In D. J. Starkey, D. Atkinson, B. McDonagh, E. Salter, & S. McKeon (Eds.), Hull: Culture, history, place, 117-144. Liverpool University Press

Hull : Culture, History, Place (2017)
(2017). Hull : Culture, History, Place

From its earliest origins to the twenty-first century, Hull is a city that has been continually shaped by flows of people, commodities, ideas and trade. The result is a distinctive city with a longstanding, varied, proud and often remarkable history.... Read More