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‘Passionate and professional’: reconciling logics in public service accounting (2017)
Journal Article
Butler, C., & Haynes, K. (2018). ‘Passionate and professional’: reconciling logics in public service accounting. Public money & management, 38(2), 121-130.

© 2017 CIPFA In order to deliver public value, the UK government sought to build relationships and connect ‘the public’ with public servants (including back-office workers), but with what effect? Drawing on interviews with public service accountants,... Read More

Reflexivity in accountancy research (2017)
Book Chapter
Haynes, K. (2017). Reflexivity in accountancy research. In Z. Hoque, L. D. Parker, M. A. Covaleski, & K. Haynes (Eds.), The Routledge companion to qualitative accounting research methodsTaylor & Francis (Routledge)

Abstract: The concept of reflexivity has been widely used in social science qualitative research methods for a number of decades, so it is not a new phenomenon. Broadly it refers to the process in which the researcher reflects on data collection and... Read More

Autoethnography in accounting research (2017)
Book Chapter
Haynes, K. (2017). Autoethnography in accounting research

Abstract: Autoethnography is prominent in qualitative social science research but is relatively less common in accounting research, though its influence is beginning to grow as researchers recognize this rich and innovative methodological approach. A... Read More