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The House of Commons 1911-49 (2009)
Book Chapter
Lord Norton of Louth, P. (2009). The House of Commons 1911-49. A Short History of Parliament: England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Ireland & Scotland, 271 - 282. Boydell Press

The Future of Conservatism (2008)
Journal Article
Norton, P. (2008). The Future of Conservatism. The Political quarterly, 79(3), 324-332. doi:10.1111/j.1467-923x.2008.00935.x

British Conservatism embodies certain basic, though not always compatible, tenets of belief. They have underpinned the Conservative Party, which has been the most successful political party in the history of western Europe. The party was the 'in' par... Read More about The Future of Conservatism.

Making sense of opposition (2008)
Journal Article
Norton, P. (2008). Making sense of opposition. Journal of Legislative Studies, 14(1-2), 236-250. doi:10.1080/13572330801921257

Opposition has several meanings and the term is used in different contexts. Our focus is parliamentary opposition. Utilising King's five modes of executive–legislative relations, this article draws out the different usages of the term and – drawing o... Read More about Making sense of opposition.

Parliamentary placements: the benefits and challenges (2008)
Journal Article
Norton, P. (2008). Parliamentary placements: the benefits and challenges. Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences, 1(1), 1-9. doi:10.11120/elss.2008.01010004

I have been running placement schemes at the House of Commons now for two decades. One entails spending the third year of a four year degree (in British Politics and Legislative Studies, BPLS) on placement with an MP. Another, a more recent scheme, e... Read More about Parliamentary placements: the benefits and challenges.

The perils of a hung parliament (2008)
Book Chapter
Lord Norton of Louth, P. (2008). The perils of a hung parliament. No Overall Control? the impact of a 'hung parliament' on British politics, 109 - 111. The Hansard Society

Tony Blair and the constitution (2007)
Journal Article
Norton, P. (2007). Tony Blair and the constitution. British Politics, 2(2), 269-281. doi:10.1057/palgrave.bp.4200060

Under Tony Blair's premiership, the British constitution has undergone extensive change, unparalleled in recent British history, but without the Prime Minister having a developed view of what form of constitution is desirable for the United Kingdom.... Read More about Tony Blair and the constitution.