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The induction of the Ntb phase in mixtures (2018)
Journal Article
Ramou, E., Welch, C., Hussey, J., Ahmed, Z., Karahaliou, P. K., & Mehl, G. H. (2018). The induction of the Ntb phase in mixtures. Liquid crystals, 45(13-15), 1929-1935.

We report the induction of the Ntb phase over a wide temperature and concentration range in a binary system. This was achieved by addition of a flexible dopant without LC properties to a flexible dimer exhibiting only a nematic LC phase. The Ntb phas... Read More about The induction of the Ntb phase in mixtures.

Novel photochromic liquid crystals (2016)
Hussey, J. (2016). Novel photochromic liquid crystals. (Thesis). University of Hull. Retrieved from

The combination of photochromic units and liquid crystal mesogens has over the years been investigated intensively. However the focus of this work has been on very few photochromic groups. The overall aim of this work is to combine photochromic group... Read More about Novel photochromic liquid crystals.