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Dr Orlando Santoro


Orlando Santoro

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Biography Dr Santoro completed his Master Degree in Chemistry at the University of Salerno (Italy). After graduating with a PhD from the University of St Andrews (UK) in 2016, he worked for two years as Research Assistant at the University of Rennes 1 (France). Orlando joined the group of Prof Carl Redshaw (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) at the University of Hull in February 2019. He is currently working as PDRA on the Work Package 2 of the interdisciplinary project "Evolving a Circular Plastics Economy".
Research Interests Orlando's main research interests are:
1) Design and synthesis of organometallic complexes of Group IV metals bearing macrocyclic ligands;
2) Development of Biodegradable polymers by Ring Opening Polymerisation (ROP) of cyclic esters;
3) Use of carbon dioxide as C1 feedstock
Scopus Author ID Orlando Santoro