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Dr Irene Sotiropoulou

Research Interests - Heterodox Economics, particularly alternative theories about money & finance, non-monetary economics, parallel currencies, theories about value.
- Sustainable-ecological economics, small production modes, economics of the commons.
- Feminist Economics & Gender aspects of Economics, both on Micro, Macro & International levels.
- Grassroots economics, grassroots economic structures, solidarity economics, social economy, cooperatives & recuperated/self-managed enterprises.
- Non-capitalist economic structures, both in historical & contemporary societies, traditional economies, parallel (capitalist & non-capitalist) economic structures.
- Economic history, particularly of early capitalist structures, non-capitalist structures purged by or surviving capitalism.

Geographical areas of expertise: Greece, Turkey, UK, Jordan, Eastern Mediterranean, Venetian Empire.
ResearcherID N-5268-2014