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Dr Natasha Dowey

Biography I began my career scrambling about on volcanoes in Spain and Greece to study explosive eruptions for my Masters and PhD degrees. I studied the hot clouds of gas, rock and ash known as pyroclastic density currents, to better understand how they behave through time and space. After my PhD I worked in the energy industry for 7 years, where I unpicked the tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins all over the world, from China to Mexico. I used computer models to better understand how the rocks beneath our feet are changed with time and heat.

My research has dealt with geological problems at various scales- from the dynamics of individual explosive eruptions and what they can tell us about future hazard planning, to the large-scale evolution of continental margins and their significance to our energy resources. I am very interested in how we communicate risk and uncertainty within science and industry, and to the public.

I am passionate about changing the public perception of Geoscience to encourage as many people as possible to engage in this diverse subject. I am a STEM ambassador, and have been involved in science festivals, blogs and interviews to promote and communicate geoscience to students and members of the public. I recently reached the finals of the March 2019 ‘I’m a Scientist Get Me Out Of Here’ competition.

I am a strong advocate for support and mentoring of early career academics and professionals in STEM. In 2019 I created the STEM Mentoring Network (@MentoringInSTEM) to pair up those working in STEM with cross-disciplinary mentors via Twitter.
Research Interests My research interests include explosive volcanism, pyroclastic density currents, geological hazards, igneous geochemistry, basin analysis, basin modelling, science communication and risk analysis.

I am currently a co-supervisor on an advertised fully-funded NERC Panorama PhD project. If you are keen to undertake a PhD in explosive volcanism, please click this link for more details and how to apply:
Teaching and Learning I teach across subjects in the Department of Geography, Geology and Environment, with a specialism in igneous petrology and geological hazards. I am currently leading the Introduction to Petrology and Geohazards modules, and am also teaching on Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Global Environments, and Volcanoes and Their Hazards. I am a keen field geologist, and have carried out field research, attended field trips and taught on field courses across Europe. In 2020 I will be teaching on the University of Hull's Almeria field course.