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Dr Chris Skinner

Biography I am a Research Fellow in the Energy and Environment Institute specialising in flood risk and resilience. I completed my PhD 'Satellite-driven hydrological modelling of an African river basin' in 2013 under the supervision of Dr Tim Bellerby. I have since worked on research positions for the Dynamic Humber and the NERC-funded Flooding from Intense Rainfall projects.

I specialise in computer modelling of flooding and geomorphology (the study of how landscapes change), particularly using the CAESAR-Lisflood model. My work includes modelling for the Environment Agency and Hull City Council.

I lead the SeriousGeoGames and Earth Arcade projects that study the use of games and playful approaches for engaging the public with environmental issues. Recent projects include the Flash Flood! and Inundation Street virtual reality simulations.
Research Interests My primary research interest is the computer modelling of flood risk and its links and feedbacks to geomorphology. My most recent work has concerned the sensitivity of the models to various factors, such as the parameter values selected or the type and form of rainfall measurements used.

I also research the public engagement of environmental issues and how this can be done in a way that leaves people feeling optimistic. My recent work in this area includes using virtual reality to raise flood resilience awareness.
Scopus Author ID 56506501200