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Dr Michael McCahill


Michael McCahill

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Surveillance & Crime
McCahill, M., & Coleman, R. Surveillance & Crime. The University of Hull

Surveillance has a long-standing relationship with crime and its identification, prevention, detection and punishment. With information on each citizen spanning up to 700 databases, and over 4 million CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom alone, this bo... Read More about Surveillance & Crime.

The surveillance of 'prolific' offenders : beyond 'docile bodies'
Journal Article
McCahill, M., & Finn, R. The surveillance of 'prolific' offenders : beyond 'docile bodies'. Punishment and Society, 15(1), 23-42.

This article uses ethnographic research to explore how a sample of state-defined ‘prolific’ offenders living in Northern City (a small city in the North of England) experience and respond to a surveillance regime which includes ‘appointments’, ‘track... Read More about The surveillance of 'prolific' offenders : beyond 'docile bodies'.


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