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Dr Jorg Hardege

Biography For almost 30 years, Dr Hardege has studied how animals use chemical signals.

Our understanding of senses has greatly improved, but our knowledge of the importance of smell and odour in animal, microbial and plant communication systems is still relatively weak.

This is challenging in the face of climate change with the reduction in the oceans' pH affecting marine organisms' ability to use chemical signals.

We currently have no realistic idea as to whether animal signalling systems can adapt or have the plasticity to overcome what is known as 'olfactory disruption'. Most of Dr Hardege's current research focuses on this topic as well as the impacts of combined stressors including microplastic pollution and endocrine disruption.
Research Interests - Sensory physiology and chemical signals
- Climate change and stability of functional traits
- Impacts of combined stressors on animal health
- Effects of microplastics
- The use of pheromones in invasive species and pest control
- development of ecologically sound aquaculture
- development of plastic replacement products
- development of electrodes to split water for hydrogen production
Scopus Author ID 55953331500