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Professor Stephen Kelly

Biography Professor Kelly is one of only three chemists to report the synthesis of over 3,000 liquid crystals described in over 160 peer-reviewed publications, 45 conference papers and book chapters, an RSC Monograph as well as over 75 patents.
An active member of the Nanotechnology and Materials research theme his research interests include: organic electroluminescence, organic photovoltaics, mesoporous non-oxide ceramics, organic/inorganic nanocomposites and semiconductor nanocrystals.

Professor Kelly is a co-founder of Polar OLED, a spin-out company from the University of Hull, which is developing OLED technology in partnership with the IP Group.
Research Interests Organic electroluminescence

Organic photovoltaics

Cellulose-stabilised nanocomposites

Mesoporous non-oxide ceramics

Semiconductor nanocrystals
Scopus Author ID 55597117400