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Professor Michael Fagan

Biography Professor Fagan is Professor Medical and Biological Engineering and research lead for Biomedical Engineering research in the Department of Engineering. His expertise lies is in modelling and simulation in biomechanics and biomedical engineering using finite element analysis and multibody dynamics analysis.

He is particularly interested in computational mechanobiology to understand the form and function of bone(s) using mathematical and advanced modelling techniques, at the cellular, tissue and whole bone level, with a special interest in skull biomechanics (with Dr Peter Watson). This includes fundamental investigations into the form and function of different skull types, as well as more applied craniofacial research examining craniosynostosis, dental biomechanics and cleft lip and palate, and most recently BBSRC-funded 3Rs research to provide alternatives to animal experiments.

Professor Fagan’s other research interests include wound management research (with Dr Louise France) and he has been working with Smith and Nephew Wound Management (Hull) for more than 12 years. This collaboration culminated in the establishment of a university-wide wound care cluster between the University and S&N in 2018.

Finally, as part of a multi-centre EPSRC Prosperity Partnership on offshore wind, Professor Fagan is applying biomimetic principles to wind turbine blade design and examining whether cancellous bone-like structures could be used in next generation blade design.

Professor Fagan’s multidisciplinary research funding comes from a wide variety of society, including Action Medical Research, BBSRC, EPSRC, EU, NERC, the Royal Society and Wellcome Trust.
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