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Dr Antony Wilkinson


Antony Wilkinson

Lecturer/ Programme Director for Electronic, and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Programmes

Biography Eur Ing Dr Antony Wilkinson has 32 years' experience as a lecturer, researcher and consultant in electronics, embedded systems, telehealth, instrumentation and digital control.

He has a particular interest in the use of transmission line matrix (TLM) modelling algorithm in thermal volumetric instrumentation and control applications and the use of TLM as a tool to improve image and signal processing.

Dr Wilkinson has considerable experience in the design and construction of computer-based control and instrumentation systems and their software algorithms for a wide range of applications including magnetostriction.
Teaching and Learning Level 4

- Mathematical Tools and Concepts

- Maths with Computer-Aided Problem Solving

- Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

- Mathematics, Programming & Digital Logic Design

Level 5

- Electrical and Electronic Systems I

- Electrical and Electronic Systems II

Level 6

- Embedded Systems

- Digital Signal Processing and Transmission