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Dr Anthony Bateson

Research Interests Dr Bateson is a lecturer in the Department of Engineering. His expertise lies is in embedded systems and medical engineering. Using the latest in microcontroller technologies and embedded software development to create bespoke physiological measurement systems for use in multi-disciplinary research projects.
He is particularly interested in the development of non-invasive brain monitoring systems including EEG and fNIRS. This interest covers both static and mobile scenarios as well as field-deployable aspects of brain monitoring.
Dr Bateson’s other research interests include wound management research (with Professor Fagan) liaising with Smith and Nephew Wound Management (Hull).
Finally, as a member of the Learning in Virtual Environments (LiVE) research group he is working on the study of cognitive load in virtual environments. This multi-disciplinary work is taking place with colleagues in HYMS (DR Aziz Asghar) and the department of Education (Professor Stewart Martin).
Scopus Author ID 7005774341