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Professor Malcolm Lillie


Malcolm Lillie

Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology and Wetland Science/ Programme Lead: BSc Archaeology & Environments, BA Archaeology & Human Geography

Biography Professor Malcolm Lillie originally joined the University of Hull in 1994 as a research fellow on the English Heritage-funded Humber Wetlands Project.

He was appointed Lecturer in Archaeology in September 2000, Reader in August 2007 and Professor in June 2016.

Professor Lillie's research interests have two main themes; palaeopathology at the transition to agriculture and in situ preservation in wetlands.
Teaching and Learning Archaeology

- World Archaeology

- British Archaeology

- Archaeology - History, Theory and Method

- Death and Burial

- Wetland Archaeology

- Hunter-gatherer to Farmer


- Changing Environments (2nd year)

- Research Methods 2 (2nd year)

- Global Issues (1st year)

- Exploring Worlds Around Us (1st year)

- Histories of the British Landscape (3rd year)

- Malaysia (Biology diving field trip) (2nd year)