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Professor David Starkey

Biography David J Starkey was the UK's first lecturer in maritime history when he joined the University of Hull in 1994.

Now Professor of Maritime History, his research interests embrace all aspects of humankind's relationship with the sea, particularly shipping, seafaring, piracy, privateering and the fisheries since the late 17th century.

Professor Starkey, who hails from Merseyside, was awarded a PhD by the University of Exeter for his thesis, British Privateering, 1702-1783, with particular reference to London.

He was once Head of History at Hull (2011-2016), but will always be an Evertonian and the father of four very fine children.
Research Interests - The character and significance of the interaction of human societies and the marine environment
- The maritime interests of localities, regions and nations
- The significance of privately sponsored violence at sea, both within the law (privateering) and beyond the law (piracy)
- The factors that have conditioned the scale and character of sea transport since 1750
- The impact that human fishing activity has had upon the marine environment since the Middle Ages
Teaching and Learning BSc History

- 90% of Everything: Shipping and Society since 1650
- Piracy: the Golden Ages
- Exploring the Past
- Representing the Past in Film
- Seafarers, 1800-1914