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Dr Vicky Skoulou


Vicky Skoulou

Graduate Research Director (GRD) of School of Engineering ; Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Prof.) in Chemical Engineering-Bioenergy ; PI of the B3: Biomass Waste- BioenergH2- Biochars Challenge Group of PGRs and PDRAs

Overview of biomass conversion to biofuels (2021)
Book Chapter
Cheah, K. W., Taylor, M. J., Evans, G., Samson, A., & Skoulou, V. (2022). Overview of biomass conversion to biofuels. In S. Yusup, & N. A. Rashidi (Eds.), Value chain of Biofuels (1-48). Elsevier.

This chapter introduces the main biomass conversion routes to biofuels currently available in industry. It begins with a general comparison between first- and second-generation lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks, and the lessons learned by utilizing... Read More about Overview of biomass conversion to biofuels.


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