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Dr Huw Jones


Huw Jones

Lecturer in Biochemistry

Research Interests

- pharmacological effects of natural products in health and disease states

- analytical approaches to the measurement of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress markers

- novel methods for the synthesis of human circulating metabolites of xenobiotics and natural products

Biography Dr Jones is a lecturer in biochemistry, with research interests in the modulation of health and disease states by natural products.

He is particularly interested in how chemicals found within the diet can act as medicinal drugs, particularly in terms of modulating redox signaling and oxidative stress.

This research uses a variety of cell culture models, in addition to collaborations with clinicians and physiologists, to undertake research at the tissue and human levels.

Dr Jones contributes to the delivery and teaching of BSc / MBiochem and MSc Biochemistry, criminology and forensic sciences, chemistry, biomedical sciences and MSc Pharmacology and drug development (HYMS) programmes.
Teaching and Learning Year 1

- Insights into biochemistry

- Introduction to DNA and chromatography

- Protein biochemistry

- Biochemistry (biomedical sciences)

Year 2

- Biochemistry and professional skills 1

- Biochemistry and professional skills 2

- Forensic science in practice

Year 3

- Biochemistry group project

- Concepts in pharmacology

- Reviews in biochemistry

- Chemical characterisation and separation

Year 4

- Recent developments in biochemistry

- Biochemistry project literature review

- Biochemistry research project

- Advanced biochemistry

- Preparation for research for biochemists

- Advanced research topics in biochemistry

- Literature review and preparation for project

- Research project

- Techniques in drug discovery 1