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Professor Chanaka Jayawardhena


Chanaka Jayawardhena

Professor of Marketing/ Graduate Research Director

Research Interests

From a research perspective, I am interested in exploring relevant and interesting problems that potentially develop impactful findings for both academia and practitioners. My research can be divided into three broad interrelated themes.

First, I am interested in understanding how consumers make consumption decisions and the resulting customer experience. I examine how various factors influence these decisions including how customers engage with the consumption process.

Second, I have a particular interest in the virtual marketplaces, with particular attention on how consumers evaluate the services they receive/consume over these remote channels. I examine how organisations use technology (Internet and mobile channels) in attracting, developing and maintaining customer relationships.

Third, related to above, my research also extends to the understanding of the kinds of relationships that customers go on to initiate, develop and sustain with providers of services/products over a period of time. In this regard, I have made considerable contribution to literature exploring these relationships, particularly from the perspective of the influence of social media and word of mouth.

The vast majority of my work is generally underpinned by theoretical foundations from Marketing, psychology, economics and sociology. From a philosophical perspective, I would label myself as a positivist, as a consequence the majority of my research is facilitated through quantitative methodologies (surveys and controlled experiments).

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Biography I am Professor of Marketing at Hull University Business School (HUBS). Prior to joining HUBS, I held faculty positions at University of Loughborough, DeMontfort University and University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I am a former Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar and has also been a consultant and adviser to governments and has worked with a number of public and private organisations. I am also the Graduate Research Director at HUBS, an elected member of the Academy of Marketing Research Committee, and a visiting Professor at University of University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Teaching and Learning I am an enthusiastic, committed and passionate teacher. I have extensive experience of teaching at all levels, in a number of institutions around the world. My teaching approach is to ensure that my material reflects current theory supported by clear practitioner insights. This reflects marketing as a topic and also the need for my students to be able to use their knowledge in real life situations. I use insights from my own research and experience of working with companies to enrich the learning material that I create. I encourage interaction in the classroom and am approachable. I am sensitive to the needs of different student cohorts and am able to adapt my classroom strategies as required. I demonstrate my commitment to teaching by engaging in curriculum review, contributing to pedagogic debate, and by adopting an approach that encourages students to develop critical, evaluative skills and competences. Experience has enabled me to understand the various learning approaches adopted by different students, and I employ various strategies (e.g. case studies, exercises, student-led presentations and discussions, etc.) to provide a stimulating learning environment. I was an early adopter of VLEs as a means of providing students with electronic and remote access to course documents, lecture slides, etc. and also as a medium of communication. My performance as a teacher has been consistently reflected in high evaluation scores that I have received from my students over the years in all the institutions that I have worked for.