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Dr Marco Pignatari

Biography I was awarded a PhD in astrophysics by the University of Torino (Italy) in 2006, and before joining the Universityof Hull in 2016 I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Keele (UK), the University of Victoria (Canada), the University of Basel (Switzerland) and the Konkoly Observatory (Hungary).
Research Interests My main research interest is about how elements are made in stars, from small stars like our Sun, to the biggest stars that will explode as supernovae.

I am a member of several international collaborations focused on nuclear astrophysics, galactic archaeology and cosmochemistry, including NuGrid, the UK network BRIDGCE, JINA-CEE, the COST Action ChETEC, and the NSF Accelnet network IReNA.
Scopus Author ID 8420846200