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Dr Christopher Fear


Christopher Fear

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

The ‘dialectical’ theory of conservatism (2020)
Journal Article
Fear, C. (2020). The ‘dialectical’ theory of conservatism. Journal of political ideologies, 25(2), 197-211.

Recently, James Alexander has proposed a ‘dialectical definition’ of conservatism which, he believes, goes beyond ‘dispositional’ definitions, such as those proposed by Brennan and Hamlin, and by Martin Beckstein, which are ‘incomplete’.1 Alexander a... Read More about The ‘dialectical’ theory of conservatism.

R. G. Collingwood's overlapping ideas of history (2020)
Journal Article
Fear, C. (2021). R. G. Collingwood's overlapping ideas of history. Journal of the Philosophy of History, 1-21.

Does R. G. Collingwood's theory that concepts in philosophy are organized as “scales of forms” apply to his own work on the nature of history? Or is there some inconsistency between Collingwood's work as a philosopher of history and as a theorist of... Read More about R. G. Collingwood's overlapping ideas of history.


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