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A synchrotron study of Ba5Ta2Cl2O9 (2007)
Journal Article
Barnes, A. D. J., Francesconi, M. G., & Prior, T. J. (2007). A synchrotron study of Ba5Ta2Cl2O9. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, 63(5), I127 - I128.

The structure of pentabarium ditantalum dichloride nonaoxide, Ba5Ta2Cl2O9, is isotypic with Ba5Ru1.6W0.4Cl2O9 and with one polymorph of Ba5Ru2Cl2O9. It is related to the perovskite structure and shows a ten-layer stacking of BaO3 and BaCl blocks alon... Read More about A synchrotron study of Ba5Ta2Cl2O9.