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Performers' Perspectives on "Feel" in Music (2018)
Book Chapter
King, E., & Waddington, C. (2018). Performers' Perspectives on "Feel" in Music. In N. Reyland, & R. Thumpson (Eds.), Music, analysis, and the body: Experiments, explorations, and embodiments. Leuven: Peeters Publishers

This chapter explores the concept of 'feel' in relation to music performers in the Western art tradition.

The empathic nature of the piano accompanist (2017)
Book Chapter
King, E., & Roussou, E. (2017). The empathic nature of the piano accompanist. In E. King, & C. Waddington (Eds.), Music and empathy. London: Routledge.

The ways in which humans interact in any society or culture have occupied the attention of researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds over centuries, including philosophers, psychologists, historians, sociologists, anthropologists and musico... Read More about The empathic nature of the piano accompanist.