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Lyotropic 'hairy' TiO2 nanorods (2018)
Journal Article
Cheng, F., Verrelli, E., Alharthi, F. A., Kelly, S. M., O'Neill, M., Kemp, N. T., …Anthopoulos, T. (2019). Lyotropic 'hairy' TiO2 nanorods. Nanoscale advances, 1(1), 254-264.

We report the synthesis of the first stable, solution-processable and photocrosslinkable hybrid organic/inorganic titanium dioxide nanorods as ‘hairy rods’ coated with phosphonate ligands with photoreactive coumarin groups located in a terminal posit... Read More about Lyotropic 'hairy' TiO2 nanorods.

Energy sovereignty in marine spaces (2015)
Book Chapter
Barnes, R. (2015). Energy sovereignty in marine spaces. In N. Bankes, & S. Trevisanut (Eds.), Energy from the sea : an international law perspective on ocean energy, 13-39. Brill Academic Publishers.

The term “energy sovereignty” is used with differing emphases to describe a State’s rights or assertions over energy resources and supplies. Given the importance of offshore energy developments, particularly in the field of renewables, this article e... Read More about Energy sovereignty in marine spaces.